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Hello, this is beta version of Airsoft Force Tracking session record. You can generate your own session record, at webpage: Please be patient. Not everything works properly here... If you want to help me improve this functionality, please send donation. Every cent will help me maintain AFT servers. One problem less, I will focus on development, not on project costs ;)  

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Press on "?" buttons if you need help.Please remember, this is beta version. If you find any bugs, or have ideas how to improve this functionality, please write to me.
I really need your help to make it better

DEMO: You can check here example
of Airsoft Force Tracking record
This is session record from Airsoft Force Tracking application. If you want to improve this webpage please contact with me via Facebook webpage, or email (you can find actual email adress at main page of Airsoft Force Tracking webpage). Copyright: Seether, Airsoft Force Tracking. Please dont use data from this webpage for commercial purpose without my written agreement.